From the recording Acoustic Trouble

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Sometimes I feel, I've lost an only friend,
Sometimes I feel, the night will never end
No more talking, about it now,
Can't two people get along anyhow?

Sometimes it's like, these walls are closing in,
We fuss and fight, but no one ever wins
His heart's a secret, her body's still,
If they can't fix this, no one ever will

And we've only ourselves to make it work,
Only one chance to be heard,
Take my hand, we'll be the first
In a long line of friends
Who choose love over hurt

(instr ch / ooohs)

In a long line of friends
Who choose love

Sometimes the sound, of silence ain't enough,
To bring us 'round, and earn each other's trust
Love everlasting, or lost and gone?
Can't two people get along?

And we've only ourselves…(full chorus)

No more talking