1. Tears

From the recording Trouble Again

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Hangin' by the pool, such a lovely day,
Doesn't seem to matter that much anyway
Always in my head, searching through the past,
Such a shame that nothing ever lasts

And oh my heart's beating, way too fast

Tears, here they come again,
It's like I'm drowning in an ocean
Of all that could have been,
Those tears, will they ever end?
I guess I'll trade in my umbrella
And teach myself to swim

I was only tryin' to fight, for what I thought was fair,
I cry for help, but you just stop and stare
What started out so cool, blue water overhead

Those tears, here they come again

And my body's sinking down,
Pillows of water all around,
Ripples of sunlight, dancing like you tonight,
But you're not there, no you're not there
And I'm gonna find my way
Maybe tomorrow, or someday

Tears, here they come again