From the recording Trouble Again

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Oh city light,
Wrap your glowing arms 'round me tight,
C'mon and drive my soul downtown
Four on the floor,
Grab those keys and head for the door,
I wanna spread this feeling around

Sister dynamite, in your diamond light
You will always be my muse,
You turn me on with your golden charm
And a smile I can't refuse,
I'm running it down
And you know, I'm gonna spread this feeling around

Hold out your hand,
Lead me to the new promised land,
I wanna know what love's about (yes I do)
A new kind of life,
The kind I've only held deep inside,
It's time to spread this feeling around


Spread this feeling, spread this feeling

And I ain't no worried man,
With this diamond in my hand,
And a feeling like a love that never ends

Gonna spread this feeling, spread this feeling around