1. Stay

From the recording Shine

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I take you for the things that you say you do
And no simple explanation can black out,
All case sensitive files that remind you
Of a hopeless situation
You stumble in 'cause you're so spaced out

How could we ever say goodbye,
To something we need so badly?

Oh, forever we will stay, together through it all
We could never walk away, from something real
Let's take the time, let's find a way,
We owe it to ourselves,
C'mon baby, let's stay

Something's wrong, I don't know quite how to get through
A familiar transmission is knocked out,
And all remaining signs of a life I once knew
Took another direction,
And left me here with a lot to find out

I shoulda kept walking by,
But I had to stop and think about you


words and music by Robert M. Bonfiglio
© 2006 Carnella Songs, BMI