1. Magnetic

From the recording Freeway

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Love is magnetic,
Stand close and feel it pull you in
Give it or get it,
One dose heal you like medicine

Life, tryin' to fit a circle in a square,
Tryin' for connection, no one's there,
Does anybody care?

(Operators standing by
But hurry now, you're running out of time)

Time, frozen like the cold before the spring,
Spoken but it doesn't mean a thing,
Like voices in the wind, oh

Love is kinetic,
A trans-mutual energy
So pure and prophetic,
In sweet sunshine or sympathy, sympathy

We'll look up to the stars for any little sign,
A brand new beauty, strength and inner-wisdom so divine,
Let's put it all together and we'll see what we can find,
Love is magnetic

Love is like magic,
Here now, and gone before you know
Triumphant or tragic,
Hold tight and never let it go
words & music by Robert M. Bonfiglio
© 2014 Carnella Songs, BMI