From the recording Freeway

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This is my life, this is the road for me,
I hope to take what is true
Giving back to you what I have found,
Now once in a while, a feeling comes over me
Like a wave passing by
Lifts me high just to knock me down

if you throw me a line,
Well, I might just get it in time
Don't leave me for dead,
Been drowning in the thoughts in my head
Won't you give me a sign,
As stars align from the highest point of Heaven
We'll clear away these clouds and let a good love shine
Let it shine,
If you throw me a line

Guess it's up to me, to live my life honestly,
But there's a ache in my heart
Where my hopefulness used to be,
I try to keep it in mind
But sometimes it's hard for me,
I know good days will come around again


And if I keep my eyes open wide,
And if I keep my head held high,
Well maybe I'll be one with myself,
And one's a good place to start again

words & music by Robert M. Bonfiglio
© 2014 Carnella Songs, BMI