Hands Together

Rob Bonfiglio

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Hands Together

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Hello Friends,

I sincerely hope this finds you healthy and safe…

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, in a spirit of unity and as a message of hope, I wrote and recorded a new song, "Hands Together," which I'm planning to release as a VERY limited edition 7" transparent clear vinyl single with a B-side ("How To Mend A Heart") making its first appearance on vinyl.

I was fortunate enough to have had this song as the theme song of the recent AllTogetherLA.org Covid-19 online telethon, featuring a wide array of great artists and hosted by #gettogetherfoundation which has raised an amazing $110k to date.

This is a mostly "break even" sales model for me. Any potential additional proceeds will be channeled to the Get Together Foundation, (www.GetTogetherFoundation.com) as well as United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund, (www.unitedway.org) which have both been working tirelessly to provide relief to those left vulnerable by the pandemic, both globally and locally.

As the lyrics say, "keep us together." Now's the time to heal this divide and join together in a sense of unity as we face this worldwide pandemic.

Vinyl will be manufactured based on pre orders received so please allow 8-10 weeks (approx late June/early July) for delivery.

Many thanks for your continued support of my music and most importantly, stay healthy!

Much love, Rob.

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